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Moms are natural inventors

Moms are natural inventors

When I had my first baby and started spending more time with other moms, I noticed something:  Moms brains are constantly whirring, coming up with lifehacks to make their hectic lives a bit more sane (with the hope that they might actually be able to sit and rest for a minute at some point in the day).  It seemed that at every gathering of moms, a mom (or more likely several moms) would say something to the effect of “You know, this product would be perfect if it had __________” or “Someone should invent something that does ______.”  In fact, these kinds of statements were so common that my former academic brain took over, and I decided to do a larger-sample survey to see how prevalent product idea generation was among moms in general, and not just in my social circle.

new productimprovement

The responses from the 182 moms were pretty stunning.  I discovered that 90% of these moms had AT LEAST 1 new product idea. For product IMPROVEMENT ideas, only 1 mom had never had one — 99% of moms regularly did.   Amazing, right?  If you’re one of these moms, it might not be surprising either.  But here’s a sobering statistic, only 1 mom out of the moms who had these ideas actually did something about her idea and attempted to bring it to market.  The reasons are many (see below) and infinitely understandable.


I want to change these statistics.  Moms make 85% of household purchasing decisions, and who knows what moms want and need better than other moms?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if moms could create products they are going to buy anyway and in the process also generated income?

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